High Asset Divorce Cases Present Special Issues

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The divorce process is rarely pleasant. Child custody/visitation disputes, financial issues, property rights, title to vehicles and countless other disagreements often result in depression, elevated tempers and great uncertainty.  This emotional distress is often multiplied in high-asset divorce cases involving businesses, multiple real estate properties, financial assets, pensions and retirement accounts. As difficult as they can be, these financial stress points pale in comparison to facing the possibility of losing custody of one’s child(ren).

It is no secret that spouses often go to great lengths to hide assets in divorce proceedings. One spouse may have transferred money to an off-shore bank account, or to a person to hold pending the finalization of the divorce. A spouse who owns a business might commingle personal funds into a corporate account. Sometimes a spouse who is eligible for a raise requests that the employer postpone the promotion until after the divorce. Other times, a spouse might simply keep quiet about pensions, retirement accounts, investment assets or real estate properties owned in different states.

In a typical high-asset divorce case, one spouse earns significantly less than the other spouse. When there is a large difference in income, the spouse who earns less is often entitled to an award of alimony. In such cases, the only way to obtain a fair share of the marital property (and to obtain an equitable amount of spousal support) is to bring the opposing spouse’s assets to the court’s attention.

At Mark Sterling Gober, LLC, we know how to discover hidden assets. We often work with business financial analysts and forensic accounting experts in order to valuate marital business assets and examine an opposing spouse’s lifestyle and financial resources (including assets held offshore or abroad). We will thoroughly investigate your estranged spouse’s financial affairs and will obtain for you a fair and equitable settlement. After having practiced family law for some two and a half decades and represented countless clients on all sides of every financial issue imaginable, we are well acquainted with the “ins and outs” of helping you through the difficulties of a high asset divorce.